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Pharmacies Price Indication Ordinance

Are you unsure whether you have to indicate prices? Here I go into this explicitly again. We always recommend to award. You will find the reasons in this entry.

Pharmacies Price Indication Ordinance

We have often been asked about the issue of mandatory price labelling. According to my understanding and after consultation with our partners who offer pricing services, there is always a requirement to label, including VAT.

Both the sight voting and the free voting must be easily visible and clearly marked. If you do not comply with this, you may be fined by the regulatory authorities.

In Germany, price marking is compulsory. Unfortunately, there are still many commercial pharmacies that do not display prices. We would like to point out that prices are necessary, and to have no price marking in any form is prohibited in Germany.

Please contact your lawyer to discuss what exactly should be considered in your case.

Basic price labelling

Is for crooked quantities like 75ml, 3pcs etc. the basic pricing must be indicated.

In case of doubt, simply always quote the basic price. Once you get the job done, you can always fall back on it in the future.

Base price items usually have weight, volume, length or area specifications. The basic price should be specified here.


According to the section 3 para. 1 No. 2 Economic Offences Act 1954, this is an administrative offence and fines of up to 25,000 euros may be imposed!!! Issued by the regulatory authorities or trade offices of the municipalities.

My opinion

If you always indicate the final price in an easily recognizable way, you are on the safe side. As long as the customer can at least see the articles, this should be indicated in any case. Items for which the basic price must be indicated separately have special characteristics. Here too, it is more time-saving to indicate the basic price for all articles.

The Woutex electronic price labelling explicitly displays all the necessary information. So that you can take care of your pharmacy in the future and not about basic prices.

Disclaimer Legal notice

Please note that this blog is not legal advice and cannot replace legal advice!

Special thanks to Mr. Brehm for the helpful hints.

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